News & Events

RG's Creative Plant Interiors Inc News & Events:

*First company to launch 24 Hour Sale for Silk Plants & Accessories

*We are honored and proud to have had the opportunity to provide greenery for the 10th Anniversary of the 9-11 Tribute Ceremonies to Gander, NFLD!!!  click here to view Beyond Words Ceremony

*See our product on the show Royal Wedding.

*Opened in Kelowna, BC

* Opened in Calgary, Alberta

*Opened in White Rock, BC

*Opened in Yale Town, BC

*Opened in Kelowna, BC

*Opened in Burnanby, BC

* Opened the First Silk Plant Store in Regina, Saskachewan.

*The first company to introduce Silk Plants

*February 1979 The first company to offer Sales, Lease, Lease &Maintenance of Tropical Plants in     Saskatoon

* February 1979 opened The First Tropical Plant Store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan