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Sprucing Up The Garden With Artificial Outdoor Plants

Posted by Chris Channing on November 20, 2009


The shift to artificial gardens is slowly coming about more prominently. After all, the time required to run a full-scale garden is just out of the question for households tied down with more important things to handle. In addition, required maintenance and expenses won’t be as threatening to gardeners as real plants and flowers.


Weathering was once a very real problem to outdoor plants, which made them largely unpopular just decades ago. Forces such as ultraviolet light from the Sun would fade the leaves and stems of flowers and plants, rendering them an eyesore. Today artificial outdoor plants are made with special materials that resist UV light, as well as the forces of wind and rain.


What really irks gardeners in temperate or cool climates is that they will be limited in what they can grow. You won’t see many tropical flowers in Iowa, unless of course they are artificial. Of course, perhaps a tropical flower in the dead of Winter would seem out of place, but the fact remains that artificial flowers are the only choice for keeping a garden safe in any climate you may reside in.


Memories of an early Christmas with fake trees probably bring up ill feelings towards the “feel” of artificial plants fashioned as trees. Technologies have progressed greatly, and getting a realistic-feeling tree in full size is a very real possibility. T end result is a stunning-looking tree in its prime that is leaps and bounds ahead of the realism of the fabled artificial Christmas tree. Your biggest concern in artificial plant and tree maintenance is keeping the plants away from harm.


A family with young kids, as parents know, is apt to produce accidents often enough. And while artificial trees may be impervious to most weathering and bug problems, just the right amount of force can easily uproot them or damage them. They are best place in areas where they can be admired, yet also stay out of the way of potential harm. There is a gray area in choosing to use artificial plants in your garden- you don’t have to pick between one or the other. Instead mix the artificial plants with real flowers and trees so that you get the “real” feel, but have reduced your workload and expenses by a large amount. You also get the good feeling of accomplishing something in the process, as you are still maintaining part of the garden in your spare time.


Final Thoughts


Mother nature wouldn’t be too well balanced if all homes and businesses had artificial plants. Instead of opting for an entirely artificial garden, look into also cultivating a land plot for a real garden. You’ll see it doesn’t take much time, and in addition to the artificial garden, it will raise your property value dramatically.




How to Stage Your House to Sell Quickly

Although a empty home maybe easier to showy and sell, home buyers might like that fact that they can move right in.  Some home buyers may see themselves in the home but on the other hand an empty house can feel cold and impersonal. 

How to Stage your house to sell quickly

First make sure the house is sparkling clean.   Everything should look as close to new as possible.  All chrome must shine. All stains, from every surface, must be removed. Windows, the window screens and window sills should sparkle. Touch up paint or repaint as needed. The flooring, including tile and carpet, must look and smell clean.  Dust and cobwebs must go! Clean like you've never cleaned before!

An empty house can be staged with light-weight decorative items plus several silk or plastic plants.  All staging items must be new or look new. No exceptions! Make sure the silk plants are cleaned regularly.

Staging the front door:

Place a brand new, fun door mat in front of the door. The front door area has to look neat and clean. Sweep the steps and side walk and wipe down the door if needed. Make sure the front door light and doorknobs shine. First impressions count.


Kitchen staging items:

Place interesting kitchen towels and oven mitts that match the towels on the kitchen counter.  Place veggie / oil filled decorative glass jars, grouped together in threes on the counter. Silk plants and silk plants in baskets: one for the top of the fridge, more for on top of the cabinets, and if appropriate, one for the counter top.  Decorative, yet empty soap and hand cream dispensers.


Don't forget the Bathrooms:


Big, fluffy towels, large and small, tied up with decorative cords.   Decorative soaps, matching soap dishes, etc. Buy some that are fun for the guest baths, and buy some classy, romantic ones for the master bathroom!  Candles and candle holders.  More silk plants.


Items for the family room, the living room, and bedrooms:


Large and small silk plants placed to enhance nice areas or placed take the eyes of the buyer away from areas that you don't want the buyers to concentrate on.  Use classy wall art: framed pictures and posters, etc. More silk plants and decorative wall art.  Make sure window coverings are open and clean.  I highly recommend staging to both homeowners and other real estate agents.


Your staged house or real estate listings will sell faster and for more money with these simple tips.





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